13 – 18 October 2014

For the past 25 years, the Family Business Network has hosted the FBN Global Summit, the world leading event for business owning families. This gathering provides family businesses with outstanding opportunities to share experiences, exchange knowledge, learn from each other and connect as a community. The Summit takes place annually in a different destination with the support of a local FBN association.

To mark FBN’s 25th anniversary, “A Proud Past, A Sustainable Future” will be the unifying Summit theme. This landmark Summit affords members an opportunity to reflect on past achievements and lessons learned, and act on family business best practices in succession, governance, family conflict, innovation and growth. It is also an opportunity to imagine the future. In a competitive and complex business environment, family businesses know they must strike a balance between tradition and new thinking.

At the 2014 Dubai Summit, our focus is on securing a future that is not only profitable for the family business but also sustainable for generations to come. That means ensuring that decisions taken now will benefit the individual, the family, the business and society as a whole.

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